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Atlanta Lawn Pest Control Services

Insects and small animals are a natural part of any lawn or garden ecosystem. Typically the various insects populating your grass aren’t a cause for worry. While there are insects that feed on turf grass, they usually don’t do so in great enough numbers to cause problems. There are also many insects and bugs that greatly benefit your lawn, helping with the decomposition of organic matter so that the grass can get the nutrients it needs.

However, there are certain bugs and insects that can become a problem for your lawn if their numbers are too high.

When dealing with pest control, it is important to remember that there are many pest control products out there that are not safe, or that can cause harm to the environment. If not applied correctly, commercial pest control products can damage the plants and trees around your home, and can negatively affect any pets that you may have outside. And pests often spread quickly in residential areas, traveling effortlessly from one yard to the next. That’s why you need a professional to keep your turf healthy and safe.

What’s Special About Our Lawn Pest Control Services?

At Environmental Turf Management, we offer several different pest control services depending on your needs.  These treatments will help you to get rid of any existing pests and insects and help prevent more from appearing.

If your lawn is being damaged by unwanted visitors, contact us! Our pest control services experts would be happy to talk to you about pest control treatment for your turf.

Fire Ant Control

Lawn Fertilization ServicesFire ants are not a native species to North America, but since their introduction from South America they are rapidly becoming a well-known pest in the southern states. Red fire ants are very aggressive and their stings are painful to both humans and animals. Not only are they a painful pest, but their colonies can be quite large, making unsightly mounds in lawns and gardens.

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Mole Control

Lawn Fertilization ServicesMoles are small mammals that can get up to about 6 inches as adults. Unfortunately, while moles can be greatly beneficial to the soil, they can also cause problems for commercial and private lawns and yards. Environmental Turf Management provides effective mole control services to help you maintain your lawn and get rid of any nuisance moles in your yard.

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Flea & Tick Control 

Lawn Fertilization ServicesFleas and ticks are problematic pests because not only are they a nuisance, but they can carry pest borne diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease. It is important to protect your family, your pets and your house from fleas and ticks. We provide responsible tick control and natural non toxic flea control to keep your household safe.

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Grubs & Other Turf Damaging Insects

Lawn Fertilization ServicesGrub worms cause damage to lawns by eating the root systems of turf grass in the early fall months. The best way to control grub worms is to use insecticides during this time, before the winter starts.

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