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Atlanta Mole Control Services

Moles are small mammals that can get up to about 6 inches as adults. Even though they resemble members of the rodent family, they are insectivorous and spend almost all of their time underground. Moles are actually generally a benefit to the earth and soil, as they help to keep insect populations down with their insatiable appetites for insects. As well, their almost constant burrowing helps to aerate soil which helps the soil to be more fertile. Unfortunately, while moles can be greatly beneficial to the soil, they can also cause problems for commercial and private lawns and yards.

Environmental Turf Management provides effective mole control services to help you maintain your lawn and get rid of any nuisance moles in your yard.

Mole damage

Lawn Full Of MolehillsEven though moles are relatively small creatures and seem harmless enough, they are capable of causing extensive damage to your yard or garden. Moles are very industrious and very dedicated to finding their next meal, and they spend almost all of their time in this pursuit. Moles search for insects by burrowing just a few inches below the soil, which is the best place to find bugs and insects. The burrows and tunnels that moles make create ridges along the surface of the ground. Even just one mole can leave a formerly beautiful garden or yard area riddled with unsightly ridges of dirt and scattered molehills. Moles also tend to colonize rapidly, and one small molehill can be just the beginning of a very big problem.

Mole control

There are many different remedies that people use to try controlling nuisance moles, including chemicals and home remedies, such as castor oil derivatives and grub controls. However, these types of mole control services are rarely effective and in fact usually just allow the moles additional time to build more burrows and tunnels in your lawn. This makes mole control much more difficult, since the bigger their network of tunnels, the more room they have to hide from and evade more effective mole control services.

Mole control can be very difficult to manage, but one of the first and most important steps is to maintain your lawn properly. The main reason that moles end up moving in under any particular lawn is because they’re looking for food – insects. If you are implementing insect pest control for your lawn care, you can greatly reduce mole problems in your yard and prevent future mole problems as well.

However, sometimes taking care of your lawn and using herbicides or insecticides to try and get at the root of the problem isn’t enough. This can happen if your mole problem has developed into a mole colony, or if moles have moved over into your yard from a neighbor’s yard. In these cases, a more direct tactic is sometimes necessary to provide effective mole control.

Here at Environmental Turf Management we are dedicated to helping you to maintain control of your yard and have your lawn and garden look as beautiful as possible. Contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about controlling nuisance moles and how we can help.