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Atlanta Fire Ant Control Services

Fire ants are not only harmful pests, but their mounds are unsightly in your lawn. Environmental Turf Management can help you control fire ants in your lawn.  

Fire Ant Facts

Fire Ant Destroying Plant

Fire ants, not native to Atlanta, originated from South America before migrating to Texas. They are relatively small insects, though they can be anywhere from 1/16 to 1/5 of an inch long. However, fire ants are extremely aggressive and become irate when disturbed. Fire ants bite and then sting, using a toxic alkaloid venom known as Solenopsin. Even a tiny bite the size of the head of a pin can result in a painful sore that itches for days. The sting feels rather like a burning sensation, which is how fire ants came by their name.

Fire ants can especially be a hazard to small children, who are more susceptible to venom. While usually just painful, on rare occasions someone can have an allergic or bad reaction to the fire ant venom, which is more dangerous in a child than in an adult.

Fire ants are not only painful pests, but their fire ant colonies also produce large mounds that are unsightly. Due to the size of their fire ant mounds, they are also easy to disturb and therefore provoke to attack. Fire ants generally eat young plants, seeds, and occasionally other small insects, such as crickets. Large fire ant colonies can cause serious damage to your lawn and other plants. Fire ants have even been known to attack and kill small animals.

Fire Ant Control Services

Not all ants in your lawn are fire ants.  There are several varieties of “nuisance” ants.  These type of ants usually find a way into your home.  If you know or suspect that you have fire ants, you should notice reddish mounds in your lawn.. When fire ants are swarming, they have wings and can be mistaken for other types of ants or termites. However, even if you just suspect that you have fire ants, it is better to be safe than sorry. Due to the possible dangers that fire ants can cause, it is best to kill fire ants as soon as possible. Fire ant control methods are easiest when you catch the problem early.

 Environmental Turf Management offer  a fire ant control service that we apply to your entire lawn.  If   only a portion of your lawn is treated, fire ants will simply relocate their mounds.  Our Fire Ant Control is guaranteed for one full year.  If mounds reoccur within that twelve month period, we will retreat at no additional cost to you. 

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