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Atlanta Fertilization Services

Atlanta area lawn care company Environmental Turf Management uses the best in lawn fertilization products to care for your lawn. Our Goal is to help keep your lawn healthy and as weed free as possible. That’s because a healthy, properly maintained lawn is not just beautiful – it’s also more resistant to weeds and disease.


To help your lawn look its best and to be completely healthy, our lawn care program includes seven applications throughout the year. Starting in the early spring, a liquid application of pre- and -post emergent is applied to your lawn. Pre-emergent will help to keep weeds and crabgrass from taking over your lawn. For lawns that are warm season, such as Bermuda and Zoysia, we also offer core aeration in the early spring that we highly recommend. Lawn aeration is an important step in maintaining a premium lawn.

an example of a healthy lawn courtesy of a lawn fertilization services company

In the late spring, we apply another liquid pre- and post-emergent to help control any weeds that are growing in your lawn and to prevent crabgrass. We also include our fertilization services at this time, to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients that your grass needs for growth.

During the summer months, we use a granular fertilizer to make sure that your lawn is continuing to grow in a healthy manner. Our premium lawn fertilization services also include treating any weeds that appear in your lawn during these months.

In the fall, our lawn care services change according to your grass type. For warm season lawns, we begin to prepare for dormancy during the winter months.  A fall pre-emergent is included during this time for our warm season grasses to help prevent winter annual weeds.  Warm season lawns will also receive a lime application.  Fescue turf receives lawn fertilization and weed control services. For fescue lawns, we highly recommend aeration and seeding in the fall. Aerating and seeding your fescue lawn helps to replenish grass that may have died due to problems caused by disease or drought during the summer months. After the aeration and seeding, we provide additional fertilization to your lawn to promote growth of the new seed.


In order to get the best results from Environmental Turf Management’s Atlanta lawn fertilization services, you need to properly maintain your lawn. That simply means that your lawn should be mowed regularly during its growing season to maintain the recommended height for your grass type. Lawns that are excessive in height may not benefit fully from a lawn care program.  In addition your lawn needs watering to help prevent drought stress. The technician from our company will leave specific watering instructions for you after each lawn fertilization service call.   


We offer a free, no obligation lawn care analysis to help you know what your lawn needs and how we can help. Call our Loganville office today and we’ll set up an appointment to come and analyze your lawn care needs with you.

We also serve the following Georgia areas: Alpharetta, Athens, Atlanta, Chamblee, Conyers, Covington, Dacula, Decatur, Duluth, Grayson, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Marietta, McDonough, Monroe, Snellville, Social Circle, Stone Mountain & Tucker.