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Atlanta Core Aeration and Seeding Services

Lawns in Atlanta often tend to get sparse-looking over time, whether it’s due to disease, drought, or other factors. Because of this, Core Aeration is a process that can help your lawn become green and lush again.

Environmental Turf Management offers core aeration services and seeding for various turf types including Fescue, Bermuda and Zoysia lawns. For warm season lawns we offer aeration in the spring, and for cool season lawns we offer a combination of core aeration and seeding in the fall.

The Benefit of Core Aeration Services

All lawns can benefit from aeration. Core aeration is the process of making thousands of small holes in your lawn. These holes reduce thatch and relieve soil compaction. This allows fertilizer, water and oxygen to reach the root zone quicker. The result will be new grass growth, as well as increased root development for existing grass.

The core aeration process creates a thicker, greener, healthier lawn.  And a healthy lawn is one that is more resistant to disease and insects. You’ll find that if you aerate your lawn when it needs it, you will see an improvement in its overall health and vitality.

The Benefits of Seeding and Reseeding Services

an example of overseeding services on a loganville ga lawn

Environmental Turf Management knows the secret to a beautiful, dense fescue lawn is not only core aeration, but also overseeding.

Fescue lawns need to be re-seeded every year.  Since fescue grass grows well in cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect time to perform core aeration and seeding to fescue. We offer seeding in addition to aeration for fescue because quite often by the end of an Atlanta-area summer, fescue grass has died because of heat, drought or lawn disease.

The aeration process for fescue lawns is the same as the one for the warm season grasses, but after the aeration process we reseed the existing lawn and apply a starter fertilizer. Germination of fescue grass seed can take between 2 and 3 weeks. It is important to water daily during this germination period.

If your lawn is looking sparse or unhealthy, give our Loganville office a call! Our company specializes in core aeration and seeding as well as tree care, shrub care, and weed control to keep your grass healthy so your lawn looks beautiful year-round.

We also serve the following Georgia areas: Alpharetta, Athens, Atlanta, Chamblee, Conyers, Covington, Dacula, Decatur, Duluth, Grayson, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Marietta, McDonough, Monroe, Snellville, Social Circle, Stone Mountain & Tucker.