Zoysia LawnThe warmer months are here, and besides a lighter wardrobe, you can also look forward to the beautiful sight of green, lush lawns throughout Atlanta. If your lawn is not one of them, you might want to learn more about Zoysia Grass, which helps many homeowners attain that dense, green carpet of grass.

Zoysia grass is fantastic for warmer climates in the South, for a variety of reasons:

  • Zoysia has the ability to smother weeds, which goes a long way toward minimizing upkeep and making your lawn picture perfect.
  • Insects are the bane of a beautiful lawn, and Zoysia is naturally insect resistant. The need for fertilizers and insecticides are reduced, and your lawn maintains its beauty.
  • If you love to actually play on your lawn and not just look at it, this is the perfect grass for you and your family. It is hard wearing, and to a certain degree self-healing. It takes a beating and keeps on growing.
  • Zoysia needs water but compared to other types of grass, not as much, making upkeep easier. Like all lawns, it requires aeration to provide the best environment for growth.
  • The soil around Atlanta is dense with clay, and zoysia thrives in these conditions.

If you already have Zoysia grass, now is the time to aerate your lawn. There is only a short window of time in late spring to complete aeration on Zoysia in the Atlanta region. After this time, the conditions of the soil and grass will change, and the benefits of aeration will be missed.

Aerating Zoysia in late spring will prevent thatch, loosen up the soil, and provide optimal conditions for the grass to thrive. Grass needs nutrient rich soil, and aeration makes this possible. It allows roots to absorb oxygen and water more easily, encouraging a stronger root system. Aeration also creates an environment that repels many insects, like chinch bugs. This is a key step for a carpet of grass your neighbors will envy.

A green, beautiful lawn is easy to achieve with the help of Environmental Turf Management. Contact our experts today to make your dream of the perfect lawn a reality.