Are you looking for the latest trends for landscaping your backyard or front lawn? The best way to start is with the Net. You have – at the click of the mouse – thousands of designs and the pictures would be vivid enough for you to decide what you would want best. You can get some extremely beautiful and easy-to-do ideas in this manner.

Laying Sod

By: St. Ambrose University

There are other ways, too. How about contacting your local landscaping and/ or lawn care company. This would be especially helpful if you are a newbie on the matter, but want a great and elaborate job done – whether it is for your backyard or front lawn area.

The company professionals would be able to advise you on what would be the best possible design for your location, soil and climate conditions. They would also offer you guidance regarding fertilization, and other garden/ lawn maintenance services that may be required.

4 Factors That Should Help You Decide

Of course, there as many designs as there could be ideas, i.e. innumerable. Creativity cannot be contained, so you could do whatever you like provided you have the time and resources. A few factors that you should keep in mind before you make a choice are:

1)   Practicality

 Is the design chosen easy to apply to your area? Is it easy to maintain? Are the plants locally available? Are they demanding or easy to sustain? The best suited design should be beautiful, easy (for you) to manage and have plants that ask just as much as you are ready to give in terms of physical effort.

2)   Budget

How much money would it take to get this design in your garden/ backyard area? There are landscaping designs that could make a hole in your bank account; and there are others that would cost next to nothing. Work out a budget first; only when you have a number in your mind look for designs so you would know what would be within your range of expenditure.

3)   Climate and other natural conditions

A lot will depend on what the climatic and soil conditions of your area are. What type of flowers would best suit your garden would depend mostly on these two factors. It is good that you have these criteria defined well before you look for plants/ trees/flowers for your garden.

4)   Time And Love For Gardening

Gardens are like babies. Once you set them up you cannot neglect them and expect that they thrive. Unless you pay close attention to them, they will wilt and you would have a nightmare on your hands in no time. Hence, you need to decide on a design that would require as much time as you are willing to give.

If gardening is not your love, then chose a landscaping design that required minimum time and maintenance. If, on the other hand, you love gardening then you could choose as elaborate design as you would like – for this would keep you occupied and satisfied at the same time.

5 Top Landscaping Designs You Could Apply

There are many types of designs and each one would have its own pros and cons. Here are a few that could provide you the necessary inspiration:

1) The Local Flower Garden 

Flower on a Bush

By: Tony Alter

This design would have as many as possible local plants and flowers. Since the plants are local, they would need least attention and maintenance. This is best for those who love a beautiful garden but cannot be bothered too much with the gardening aspect. You could either ask the local landscaping professionals to chose these plants for you or go ahead and do some research on your own.

2) The Organic Vegetable Garden 

By: OakleyOriginals

This is a great idea that offers two benefits in one. Use your imagination and creativity to place the plants in such a manner that they would beautiful. At the same time, in time you would have fresh vegetables and fruits for yours and your family’s consumption – which would delight you to no end.

3) Lawn And Tall Trees Combination

Perfect Lawns, pink flowering bushes, trees, paths, Microsoft Corporation - Red West Campus, Redmond, Washington, USA

By: Wonderlane

Sometimes the best landscaping is the simplest. How about a beautiful lawn combined with some bushes and trees sprinkled about? Sometimes, this is the most beautiful landscaping you could have. The green of the grass coupled with the beauty of the trees and the shade that they throw would be soothing to the eyes and very easy to maintain as well.

4) Only Seasonal Flower Landscaping

All American Trial Gardens Prescott Park

By: InAweofGod'sCreation

This is an option for those who love to see flowers all seasons. If you are lucky you will find flowers that bloom in every season. The best would be to use the services of the local landscaping company – at least initially – and get their advice on what the best seasonal flowers are every season.