Summer is the time for barbeques, picnics, and family gatherings.  To prepare for all the events of summer it is important to start by getting your lawn in tip top shape.  Before summer begins, there are a few important steps to help prevent the growth of weeds and keep your yard looking beautiful all summer long.

Maintain Your Lawn

In the spring you need to mow your lawn once it reaches approximately 4″ tall.  The rule of thumb is to keep your lawn approximately 2 to 3” tall.  Maintaining your lawn at this height will keep your lawn looking well groomed, while providing enough constant shade to kill sun loving weeds such as crabgrass. 

Pre-Treat the Area

The next step is the application of pre-emergent herbicides.  These products are created to prevent weeds from germinating by killing the seeds.  Since this product is preventative it is important to apply it late spring or early summer, before the seeds have begun to take root.  Pre-emergent herbicide is an important step as the newly sprouted growing weeds can quickly become invasive and destroy or overtake surrounding vegetation.

Fill in Bare Areas

crabgrassYou will now want to address any bare patches in your yard.  Weeds will take root when there is available space on the lawn, especially crab grass.  When replacing your grass, be sure to choose a seed that fits the area you will be putting it whether it is sunny, shade or a mix.  When planting the grass you want to cover the area thickly and may want to add seeds to areas where the grass is thin.  Weeds require sunlight to grow, so less sun through the grass means less weeds.

Feed Your Lawn

Next, you will want to apply fertilizer to your lawn based on your areas particular climate as well as the type of grass.  It is important to follow the instructions for the fertilizer.  If you over fertilize there will be build-up in the soil that will actually cause more weeds to grow.  Timing, weather and temperature are also important to adhere to ensure that the fertilizer works properly.

Keep Weeds Under Control

Finally, as the summer wears on, you will want to control the weeds as they come up.  You can do this by applying a post-emergent herbicide later in the summer.  This will kill off any weeds that have already grown.  Be sure to follow the package instructions or recommendations by your lawn care specialist to make sure the problem stays contained.

Water Your Lawn Correctly

When watering your lawn, it is best to do the deep watering a few days a week instead of light watering daily.  This will help the water penetrate the ground more deeply and strengthen grass roots.  Water left daily on the surface will promote weed growth.

an example of a healthy lawn courtesy of a lawn fertilization services companyBy following these steps you will be able to maintain a beautiful weed free lawn all summer long.  It is important that any lawn care program you follow is maintained as prevention is the best method for weed control.  Waiting until the problem is out of hand will create a problem that can be difficult to correct.  If you are in need of a beautiful lawn contact the specialists at Environmental Turf Management for a free estimate on a lawn care program that is best for you.