voleThere is no shortage of vermin ready to destroy your beautiful landscape work. Why would you invest all that time and energy into creating the perfect lawn only to have it ruined by tunneling pests? Reclaim your lawn by using the right protective measures against moles and voles.

At Environmental Turf Management, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied. That means giving them every means necessary to protect their beautiful lawns. Moles and voles have similar names, but they must be handled differently. While people often confuse them, voles are by far the more destructive creature.

Mole or Vole?

The biggest difference between the two is their diets. Moles prefer the crunchy protein of insects, while voles will go straight for the vegetation. Both use tunneling as a means for traveling and hunting, but the damage done by moles is collateral as opposed to direct. Voles, on the other hand, will go for your beautiful flowers, seeds, bulbs, and more. They tend to be more troublesome in the wintertime when food is scarce and human landscapes are easy targets.

Moles are the larger of the two creatures and can be identified by their distinctive mounds. Measuring about half a foot in length, the energetic burrowers can dig up to 100 feet of tunnels in a single day. They are fueled by their insatiable hunger, consuming their own bodyweight in insects.

Voles are mouse-like vermin that are smaller than their mole counterparts are, and they sport a pair of ears that moles lack. Much of their damage is a result of their social structure. Unlike moles that are mostly solitary creatures, voles create vast colonies with dozens of members. Voles create small holes instead of mounds when they are doing their damage.

How to Control Them

Depending on how badly the critters are bothering you, you can choose to kill them or relocate them, both requiring traps. Plenty of baited traps are available for you to use to trap and eliminate the mole. For a gentler approach, you can bury a glass jar along their tunnel system. Once the mole falls in, they cannot climb up the sides of the jar. Keeping your yard insect free will also work by cutting off their food supply.

For voles, you can use a similar approach. One surefire solution is to buy a professional mouser. Skilled cats will keep a rodent population under control. To use mousetraps, a peanut butter and oatmeal bait will keep the vermin coming back for more. If you are worried about a particular garden, tree, or bush, you can use chicken wire to secure the area.

An expert landscaping service, such as Environmental Turf Management will advise you on the likelihood that vermin will wreak havoc on your yard as well as install the proper preventative measures. Hopefully, these tips will prove helpful should you have an encounter of the burrowing kind.