This New Year let the resolution be about your lawn. Did you know that lawn care and landscaping can offer your home an instant facelift and increase its worth? This is because a well maintained lawn usually implies a well kept, elegant and high quality home. Wouldn’t you want that for your home? So, this year when you draw up your list of resolutions, add lawn care and landscaping to it. It would be an extremely rewarding and stimulating activity both physically and mentally.

What Does Lawn Care Involve?

Maybe you would like to know what makes a great lawn. There are three major factors that would ensure a healthy lawn:

Quality Of Grass

beautiful lawn with purple flowers

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The first is, of course, the type of grass you would choose for your lawn. You could choose from the many varieties available, or you could ask the local landscaping company to choose for you. Here are some varieties that you could look up depending upon the climate you live in.

For Shady Places You Have:

  • Fine-leaf fescue grass – this is a variety that is drought resistant and shade loving. It thrives in cold season.
  • Tall Fescue grass – this type of grass demands the least maintenance and grows well in cold/ transition seasons. It is also quite drought resistance.
  • Kentucky blue grass – this is one among the hardiest of all lawn grasses. Grows fast and fills bare spots quickly; it has a very fine texture. It does not tolerate salt.

For Hot Climates You Could Have:

  • Bermuda grass – this is a vigorous type that tolerates easily salt and drought. Will not thrive in shady places
  • Zoysia grass – this is a slow-growing type of grass. Thought it is drought resistant, it thrives exceptionally well when watered often.
  • Seashore paspalum – this is recommended when the soil is sandy and wet. It is exceptionally drought resistant.

Water System For Irrigation Of Your Lawn

The second factor is irrigation. Most grass varieties are drought resistant; even so, a good watering system would mean that you have a lush and healthy lawn. A sprinkler system would be your best choice as this involves the least of effort; yet it covers the whole area and will keep your lawn hydrated. If you have limited idea about sprinklers, allow the landscaping company to suggest the right one for your lawn.

Pay close attention to the watering system. Once this particular aspect is taken care of, 90% of your lawn troubles are over. Grass loves water – thought most varieties are known to be drought resistant. In other words, they will live if you do not water them frequently or enough; however to have the grass really happy, you would need to ensure that it gets plenty of water.

Aeration Is Important, Too

Whenever the soil become too compact, it would starve the roots of water, nutrients and oxygen. Aeration of the soil would ensure that the grass remains and grows healthy. There are special machines that can be used to keep the earth aerated to ensure the health of your lawn. Core aerator machines could be used for this purpose; these are specially designed machines that would punch holes through the lawn to allow for aeration.

Weed Control

With every type of gardening you would have weeds. With lawns too, you would have plenty of grief from weeds. Once weeds set in, they could kill the lawn before your very eyes; they are so terrible. Ensure that you use an effective weed control program regularly to keep weeds in check.

There are plenty of organic weed control measures, which you could choose over the chemical ones. This would ensure that your laws is eco-friendly and grows lush green and rich.

As much as weeds, you need to worry about pests, too. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to keep the balance of the eco-system and keep the pests in check. However, if it ever gets out of hand try using organic pesticides instead of chemicals; especially if you have small children and pets who play on the lawn.


No landscaping can be possible without fertilizer. Lawns needs quite a bit since they cover the whole soil area and starves it of nutrients if this not replenished often enough. It is best that you use organic fertilizers to ensure the health of our lawn.

Now that you ran all of these factors over, close your eyes and imagine the rich lawn that all these measures would get you. Now, doesn’t this New Year resolution sound good?