Frost In Spring Lawn Care Tips

Georgia weather can be unpredictable, as we’ve all witnessed recently. These unexpected cold snaps can cause even more damage to yard than wintertime conditions because spring is when most plants start sprouting.

How Can You Protect Your Lawn During a Cold Snap?

Here are some spring lawn care tips to keep in mind when a cold snap hits the region:

  • Pay close attention to the weather reports. This way, you can prepare your lawn before colder conditions can arrive by being forewarned, enabling you to mitigate the worst of the damage.
  • Generally speaking, damp soil retains heat better than dry soil, meaning that the plants will suffer less from being exposed to the cold. As a result, you should keep your lawn well-watered, though you should be careful to avoid over-watering because of rot, crown diseases, root diseases, and other potential complications.
  • The simplest and most straightforward method for protecting plants is to provide them with more insulation in the form of either a blanket or a sheet. However, you need to be careful about what you use for your cover because some materials can have unexpected consequences. For example, plastic covers should be avoided because they can damage the soil by mere proximity as their chemicals leech into the ground.
  • If you are facing a prolonged cold snap, you will need to uncover your plants in the morning in order to give them sunlight as well as reduce the build-up of condensation, which can cause serious damage to plant matter by freezing when the colder conditions return.
  • Even if you fail to protect your lawn, you can still fix the aftermath. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might be able to get away with just re-sodding your lawn, but in more serious cases, you will have to reseed it as soon as possible. Please note that aerating and dethatching could help reseeding.

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