Fire Ant Destroying PlantFire ants — fiery by name and fiery by nature. They are most active in the hot temperatures, which can be as long as 11 months out of the year in southern Georgia. These insect invaders from South America cause special headaches for lawn care maintenance crews. Fortunately, they are treatable when you work together with a lawn pest control specialist.

The Dangers of Ignoring Fire Ants

Fire ants can quickly make your life miserable through their damage to plants and machinery. They also can make the lives of anyone or any pet that walks on your turf miserable through their incredibly painful stings. Fire ant stings have been known to leave lasting scars. Even if the ants do not leave scars, bites can cause painful itchy bumps. Unfortunately, about 1% of the American population is so allergic to fire ant stings that they can die from anaphylactic shock, note Texas A & M University entomologists.

What about Home Remedies?

There are all sorts of home remedies on the Internet claiming that they can kill entire mounds of fire ants but these remedies are never 100% effective. It’s important to kill the queen in order to get rid of a fire ant colony. She can lay 1,000 eggs per day to replace any workers or soldiers killed by a home remedy. Many home remedies including pouring boiling water down a mound, will not reach the queen.

Effective Fire Ant Killing

Trying to kill fire ants on your own is dangerous. Ants will boil out of mounds to attack any threats — including you. Chemicals used to kill ants need to be handled carefully. Learning to kill fire ants is a full-time job. You already have one caring for the grounds of your property. Leave it to a professional lawn pest control service to do the work for you and make sure all queens are killed. A good service will ensure their work for up to one full year.

Don’t Let Fire Ants Ruin Your Property

Fire ants are considered a “superorganism” by many biologists like E. O. Wilson. In order to combat a superorganism, you need a super team with significant knowledge of how to battle fire ants. We have over 20 years in the business of fire ants, and we have the resources to take care of your lawn pest control needs no matter how large your lawn or field happens to be. Contact us today and receive $20 off our fire ant control application, which is guaranteed to keep your lawn free of fire ants for a full 12 months.