Mulching the around the house with dumping cart and showelThere are many landscaping companies that offer services that will help you treat fall lawn diseases. Finding a good, reputable landscape company will ensure that your lawn remains beautiful, healthy, and green in the spring and summer months.

Preventative maintenance is probably the best defense against common lawn diseases, and most landscaping companies offer services that can help prevent the onset of serious diseases that could make your lawn bare, dull, or damaged.

The following are common types of fall lawn diseases:

  1. Patch and Ring Lawn Diseases: These lawn diseases are caused by a fungal infection that can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. These lawn diseases include summer patch, necrotic ring spot, and brown patch.
  2. Dollar Spot: Some people mistakenly think that this disease is not serious at first. However, it can kill grass to the root and scar your lawn, giving it a gruesome appearance.
  3. Leaf Spot: Often appearing in warm weather and warmer days in the fall, the leaf spot disease can wreak havoc on a lawn; however, when caught early, leaf spot damage can be reversed.
  4. Mushrooms: Not only are mushrooms unsightly, they also produce fungi that cause several different types of lawn diseases.
  5. Red Thread Lawn Disease: This type of disease is most apparent in cool, wet weather such as in the fall. This is a fast-moving disease that can spread from yard to yard quite rapidly.

As stated above, prevention is the best defense against these devastating diseases. Preventative maintenance can help protect your yard from common patch and ring diseases to snow mold, rust, and fungi. The following are a few services that will get your lawn looking beautiful in no time:


Proper fertilization is a necessity for a luscious lawn. It is important to keep your grass healthy and resistant to lawn diseases, and fertilization is considered the number one way to provide essential nutrients and stimulants for the grass.  Choosing the right fertilizer is tricky. Don’t fall prey to fertilizers that offer quick results for a cheap price. Instead, make sure you are choosing a balanced fertilizer with fast-release nitrogen. This helps soil absorb the nutrients more effectively, ensuring better looking results.

Thatch Control

You may have heard of thatch, but not know what it is. Thatch is the collection of sticks, twigs, clippings, and other organic matter that sits decomposing between the grass and soil. Thatch can be a breeding ground for lawn diseases. It can also prevent grass from growing deep in the soil, as water cannot penetrate the decomposing organic matter. There are several services that professional landscape companies can provide to treat and control this pesky lawn disease.

Core Aeration

Lawn Aerations pulls up tuffs of soil, creating pockets of air in the grass and soil. It can help disrupt the accumulation of thatch, and provide room for water and nutrient absorption in the soil. Core aeration can help treat and prevent many common lawn diseases from posing harm to your lawn. In fact, core aeration is the most sought-after and recommended treatments for lawn disease.

Water and Mowing

Even through the colder fall months, you should continue to water and mow your lawn. It is essential that grass be left a bit higher during this time to ensure that root growth and stretch remain constant. It also helps prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months.  Mowing your lawn to short, could possibly result in short, weak roots, which will not be a solid foundation for a healthy spring lawn.

Hiring a professional

There are many tools and products out there for the avid gardener or landscaper to do disease prevention on their own. But for the vast majority of us, we need to leave this type of maintenance to a professional. They have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to help make your lawn healthy and green.  They are able to identify the exact disease and apply the proper treatment. You do not want to risk the health and appearance of your lawn by buying the wrong equipment or products, or using the wrong technique. Plus, they help you save time and effort by doing the “dirty work” for you. The treatment you get periodically will ensure that your lawn remains protected from disease and keeps its healthy look. The end results usually speak for themselves: a beautifully thick and plush lawn that the neighbors will be jealous of!

So if you are worried that your lawn may have a fall lawn disease, it is best to get it checked out now, and not wait for spring to arrive, because by then you may be too late to reverse the damage it has caused over the long, cold winter months.