a pair of lawn aeration shoes

Wouldn’t it be nice if aerating your lawn was as simple as going for a walk across it? Lawn aeration shoes are supposed to provide full aeration to your lawn if you wear them when you walk. Aeration helps to loosen compacted soil, so grass can get more oxygen, water and nutrients. Can lawn aeration shoes really this? Unfortunately, it turns out, most people who have tried lawn aeration shoes have found that they’re not all they’re cracked up to be.

While these shoes do create holes—after all, that’s what happens when you walk on the grass in spiked shoes—they are not the right kind of holes; the “aeration” they provide is not the kind of aeration you want. True soil aeration involves removing full plugs of soil and leaving behind a neat, usually tubular hole. The aeration provided by lawn aeration shoes isn’t true aeration, because all the shoes do is push the soil down and create a shallow, ineffective hole. In fact, lawn aeration shoes can leave your soil more compacted.

Insufficient Spikes

Another major problem with lawn aeration shoes is that, while they have spikes, the spikes are not nearly long enough to create the kind of deep penetration of the soil that is necessary for true aeration to occur. If the spikes were long enough, then there’s no way you would be able to comfortably or even reasonably wear the shoes on your feet.

A Lot of Steps

Finally, it’s not a simple stroll across the lawn to aerate with these shoes. You would literally need to walk over every foot of turf to properly aerate it. Even without crazy spiked shoes, that can be a long, hot job.  So, long story short, lawn aeration shoes are not effective or easy, and probably not worth your time or your money.

Achieving Lawn Aeration

The most cost-effective way to aerate your lawn is to use a professional landscaping service. Most lawn care companies offer lawn aeration services and overseeding of fescue lawns at this time of year. An experienced lawn care company uses proven, effective techniques for lawn aeration. With a fall aeration treatment, your fescue lawn will be able to flourish during the cool weather ahead.