Cancer from Artificial Turf?

Everyone plays on artificial turf, but could cancer be caused by it? How true are the claims about this? This is a question that has been around for a while, due to concerns over health issues that have come up for players and people who have come in contact with artificial turf regularly.

There are many questions about artificial turf causing a variety of health-related illnesses and issues, but many people are wondering if the small black pellets in the turf are what cause rare types of cancer in those who come in contact with them, especially athletes.

What are those black pellets anyway? The small black pellets that get in your shoes and that you definitely feel when falling hard on to the artificial turf are actually small pieces of rubber. But could this be what many are saying is causing cancer from artificial turf?

Is It as Bad as They Say It Is?

The truth is that the toxicity level in rubber cannot be very great for anyone who breathes it in. Whether or not it causes cancer has yet to be determined, but anything with high levels of toxicity is a threat to one’s health and should be avoided.

Research into the matter is being done, but results of what will be determined will take some time. But although cancer has yet to be proven as a health risk from artificial turf, there has also been some concern over the effect that heat has on the rubber throughout the day.

What Should We Do About It?

When thinking of opening a sports field or facility or sending your children to play in a league, look into the benefits of environmentally friendly turf or go the natural way. A lot can be said for natural grass and using it can go far. Not only help your health and the health of your loved ones or clients, but to also be beneficial to the environment.

There are a variety of companies who are now offering to help with landscaping and provide customers with upkeep and maintenance of their lawns and fields. Although many may think natural grass requires too much upkeep, in the long run it’s a much better investment and healthier option than artificial turf.

While the theory that artificial turf causes cancer cannot be proven, there are plenty of studies that prove that inhaling of the rubber used in it can be a detriment to one’s health. Going the natural route with a company you can trust can be greatly beneficial to everyone’s health and the environment.