Killing Crabgrass In Lawn Landscape

As the good book remarks, there is a season for everything under the sun but any good gardener will tell you that some things are better accomplished at certain times of the year. In particular, the month of March is the ideal time for for ridding your yard of crabgrass and other pestilential plants. With that thought in mind, here are a few tips on the best ways for accomplishing this goal:

Start in a Timely Manner

Using pre-emergent herbicides is the most effective, first step in a comprehensive weed-killing program and the month of March is the best time to start applying these chemicals. Pre-emergents are highly effective because they work by stopping the initial germination of weed seeds. This means that the weeds never even get a foothold in your lawn. As you know, once establiched, weeds are highly adaptable and equally resilent at not being eradicated. In short and all in all, it is much better to stop them before they even get statrted.

Overseed and Monitor

Crabgrass is ridiulously tenacious but it cannot compete with an abundance of other types of grass. Seed generously – especially in those bare patches! – and tend to these spots meticulously. You don’t necessarily need to pull crabgrass by hand but do what is needed to allow these seeds to germinate and take hold in the worst parts of your lawn. This simlpe but somehat time-consuming task will keep a lot of crabgrass from ever infesting the rest of your lawn.

Water Properly

Crabgrass has fairly shallow roots so watering infrequently but for a longer time period will disperse more water to you “real” grass while bypassing the shallower roots. It is a small thing but this strategy can pay some truly magnificent returns in the long term. Similarly, allowing your grass to grow to two inches in height before mowing will deny crabgrass seeds the needed light to germinate.

Deal the Weed the Final Blow

Any successful landscaper – professional or amateur – knows that maintaining a lawn is a continaul process. Regardless of the season, you must be vigilant against the onslaught of weeds. In case it is not obvious, weeds are just “grass” known by another name. They will take root in your yard and flourish just like Kentucky Blue, Bermuda, Zoysia and all the rest if you let your guard down for even just a moment.

A Final Thought

Easily, pre-emergent herbicides are the most reliable and effective remedy for crabgrass control. Contact Environmental Turf Management today to unleash a professional on the crabgrass plaguing your beautiful lawn.