Summer Lawn Care Tips  - Child Plays in Sprinklers

Ah, summers outdoors in the yard in Georgia… Guests over to enjoy a barbecue, children rolling across the gentle grass, onto the fire ant mounds…wait, what? Without regular maintenance and care, your southern summer and that lush green lawn could be ruined by invasive plant species, fire ants or high water bills.

What the Lawn and Garden Are Best For

The cool green grass spread out around your home serves many purposes, but it comes into its own in summer when most are enjoying family gatherings on the patio, backyard barbecues and naps in hammocks. Your yard becomes your children’s playground, and some of their favorite memories become summer campouts and cookouts.

Notice no mention of mowing, watering, weeding, or pest control on that list? With summer hours so few, and growing children so precious, spending your time on lawn chores is not ideal, but it’s critical.


Georgia’s long growing season allows several types of grass to thrive on our lawns:

  • Zoysiagrass
  • Bermudagrass
  • Centipedegrass

No matter your grass, you will want to use a very sharp mower blade and cut the grass at 3” or higher (though Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass can get down to around 1 ½” with no problems).


In Georgia, fresh water is a valuable resource and must be conserved. Lawns need an inch of water a week. A single long soaking, not daily showers, is best to build deep plant roots. (Quick tip: put plastic cups on the lawn to know when you’ve given it the inch of water it needs).


Fire ants respond best to prevention, not eradication. If you do spot a mound in summer, you can try to tackle it yourself, or turn to experienced professionals. Engaging a lawn care service can help you keep your children and pets safe this summer by keeping Georgia’s fierce ant population out of your yard.

Every summer, you have a choice of tackling mowing, watering, lawn care and insect control yourself, or turning to the local, friendly professionals at Environmental Turf Management. Contact us today to learn how we can give you back the summer you deserve.